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Heritage & Culture

Heritage & Culture

Every country in this planet has its own way of living and have preserved them in the form of Heritage, Culture and Tradition. Come, travel through us to discover new destinations whether small or big to learn about their past through the remains of ancient temples, forts, palaces, archaeological sites which narrate their Heritage value. The people preserve and display the age old culture and traditions for the new generations to learn and know about ancestors and their existence.

Explore the pyramids of Egypt, temples of Jordon, the Greek Gods and Goddess, jewish synagogues of Israel, ruins of Turkey to learn about their day-to-day ceremonial life of this ancient civilization.

Experience and indulge in Asia’s religious and spiritual traditions as you listen to the sacred chantings by learned Sanskrit scholars or temple priests, chants of the monks in monasteries or watch devotees worship in the ancient temples of India and other South Asian countries particularly Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Step into Zen Gardens and Shinto shrines of Japan and learn about their heritage and cultural experience.

India is known to be one of the most popular countries in the world with abundance of ancient temples, heritage structures, archaeological sites with unique and diverse culture and traditions. Every state has something to display be it the grand forts and palaces of Rajasthan, Erotic temples of Khajuraho, beautiful architecture temples of Tamil Nadu, Ayurveda and wellness of Kerala, most important and world famous Taj Mahal in Agra – an architectural marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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