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Wildlife & Nature

Wildlife & Nature

Travelling to see wildlife, or to experience a specific habitat such as the rainforest is a joy for many of us. The sight of a mountain gorilla a few feet away from you in the jungle, or a fleeting glimpse of the rare giant otter in a lake in the Amazon, is a thrill which stays with you for a long time. Nature really can be a tonic to the soul.

But it’s not just about what you see, it’s also about the actual experience you have.
Sighting a leopard up a tree with a kill is excellent, unless you are at that tree with twenty other cars all vying for a space. How much better to be in a remote park and being the only vehicle to have a chance sighting of that leopard, or at least being somewhere where there is a limit on the number of vehicles allowed near a wildlife sighting.

Any wildlife or safari experience with Holiday Mystique is sure to be a life-changing one. Let’s start by designing a customized trip. It will convert your holiday fantasy into reality.

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