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Visit this tropical paradise in the Caribbean, which combines fabulous natural beauty with its famously relaxed culture. Home to Bob Marley, reggae music and so much more, Jamaica is the perfect place for a chilled out escape from modern life. It’s a great place to come to soak up the sun, sea and sand, explore lush rainforest and learn about Caribbean history.

Independent only since the mid-20th century, the nation’s flag is highly symbolic of the constant changes it has endured. Black represents hardship over the course of the country’s lifetime, green is for the verdant landscape and the hope for freedom from slavery on the British plantations, while gold signifies prosperity and sunshine – the latter of which the island is hardly lacking!

Choose a tour that's synonymous with fun and adventure in Jamaica and brace yourself for the ride of a life.  Based on the tour operator you choose, some of the accessible highly rated tours may have you on a catamaran cruising the refuge in fine Caribbean style or hiking through the woods on an ATV or 4x4.  If you are a thrill-seeker or nature-lover you will love the vast range of tours throughout Jamaica                                                      

An excursion in Jamaica is unlike anything you've ever experienced.  Tours here shine with the charm and friendliness of our people who will introduce you to the areas of the island they call home.  Booking a trusted and well-reputed tour eliminates doubt and tidal harms and leaves your time easy, relaxing, and much more enjoyable. 

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