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So many tourists travel to from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and so many other countries. They come with a lot of uniqueness, diversity and adventure. Uganda is blessed with 10 national parks and some of the greatest attractions in the world. Some of these great attractions include; Mountain Gorillas, the Murchison Falls, the source of the longest river in the world and many more. We are one of those registered tour and travel companies in Uganda that you can confide in for a remarkable but affordable safari experience.

Travel Tips

  • Be prepared to pay for your entry tourist visa to Uganda, which costs about USD 50. The visa can be paid upon entering the country, or online before you travel.
  • The term “mzungu” means ‘white person’, and any white-skinned visitors to Uganda should expect to hear this called out to them regularly as they roam the streets. This is not necessarily a sign of disrespect, and should be embraced!
  • Uganda is a fairly conservative country. Avoid touching members of the opposite sex in public, and women should dress modestly when holidaying in Uganda. This is especially true in busy cities.
  • Be sure to ask your doctor for malaria tablets before travelling to Uganda to avoid being exposed to the mosquito-borne disease.
  • The use of credit cards is limited in Uganda. If you’re lucky enough to find a shop that allows card payment, expect to pay a fee of around 5%. Be sure to always carry some cash, US dollars being the currency of choice.

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