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Europe is a continent that has some marvellous countries. They are an epic mix of culture, traditions, history and great geography. Serbia is one such country that might be small in size but everything else about them is larger than life. To experience the best of Serbia take a Serbia Tour Package.
Serbia is a country that has some extreme weather and the best time to visit Serbia would be from mid -April to the end of June. The capital city of Belgrade is well connected to all the major cities in the world.

Serbia, as a country is friendly, welcoming and lots of fun. Belgrade is a well- known party capital in Europe and rivals Berlin. Serbia is a cultural pot of wonders. This is also where ancient traditions and modern ideas co-exist. So when in Serbia don’t shy away from saying zdravo (hello) or živeli (cheers), which is even better.
Land of incredible beauties, cultural and historical wealth, unique cuisine, joyful and energetic city atmosphere and world-famous night life attract a raising number of tourists from Europe and the whole world. Monuments protected by UNESCO, spa and resorts famous for therapeutic effects, mountains and ski-centers are the most visited locations in the central country of Balkan peninsula.
Crossed by many rivers Serbia nowadays gives an impression of a mosaic of unique natural landscapes. Western Serbia with the national park Tara and its canyons and lakes, most visited mountain Zlatibor, monastery heritage of the “Lilac Valley”, river Drina and cinematic ethnic village Drvengrad is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Eastern Serbia can compete in beauty and lets you enjoy Đerdap gorge, the most marvellous part of Danube’s flow. Southern Serbia is proud of Devil’s Town, unique natural phenomenon nominated to be new Wonder of the World. Northern Vojvodina region differs with its natural reserves, various fauna and wine terraces that reflect in waters of Sava, Tisa and Danube.
Night life is definitely something can’t be missed in Serbia, especially in Belgrade and Novi Sad. As the night life capital of entire Balkan, Belgrade in other countries is famous as the “Party city”. It attracts thousands of visitors every weekend. Restaurants with DJs, floating clubs or splavs, kafanas with authentic Serbian tamburica music and Gypsy orchestras are one of the reasons why so many tourists go to Serbia for bachelor parties, anniversaries, celebrations and team-buildings. Night life offer of Serbia is fulfilled with highly visited festivals EXIT, Guča, Belgrade Beer Fest and Love Fest.

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