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The smallest of all continents, Oceania is a collection of thousands of islands of the South-Pacific region with a total land area of 8,536,716 square kilometers. Oceania is a term used to describe a continental region between Asia and Americas. However, which countries constitute this continent varies. While some believe the Pacific regions including the volcanic islands of the South Pacific Ocean like the Melanesia and Polynesia groups and Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, are a part of it, others exclude New Zealand and mainland New Guinea. This division varies due to the bio-geographical and eco-geographical division of the islands in this region.

Ranging from seasonally dry to humid, this continent has tropical and subtropical climate most of the year. Most parts of Oceania are group islands that rose from the sea due to great activity of tectonic plates leading to volcanism. The region is beautifully dispersed with sun-kissed beaches, rich flora, diverse fauna, and now, artistically and intricately designed man-made structures.

Divided into two regions, migrants, Papuans make up the Near Oceania part of the continent, and Austronesian speakers house in the Remote Oceania. Christianity is the dominant religion here, but in the recent times, the population of Oceania define themselves as ‘no religion,' fast moving towards atheism, secular humanism, and rationalism.

This, however, remains of one of the most fascinating and diverse areas on the planet. Tourism remains a prime sector of income for this part of the world, with exotic Fiji Islands known to be one of the most promising destinations. The people of the region enjoy multi-sports, the prominent ones being cricket, soccer, and rugby. Australia has also been host to the Olympics and Commonwealth Games- two times and three times respectively.

If you belong to any other part of the world, a visit to Oceania will define for you the true meaning of the spirit of living life.

Credit: Yatra.com

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